What is the _Mxmn hidden bookmark in a Word document?

Where a Word document contains bookmarks containing "Mxmn", "_Mxmn", or "_Mxmn_", it probably means that the document has been edited by a legal professional who uses the Mxmn legal productivity suite. The Mxmn legal productivity suite simplifies the use of defined terms, cross-referencing, and paragraph numbering in legal documents, together with other invaluable features.

To learn more about Mxmn, see www.maximon.ltd. To contact Maximon Ltd., the developer of the Mxmn legal productivity suite, go to www.maximon.ltd/?!=contact.

Why is it called "Maximon"?

Maximón (anglicized for this purpose as mack-see-mon /mæksi'mɒn/, though closer to mash-ee-mon /mæʃi'moʊn/ in the original Mayan / Spanish), is a folk saint from Maya tradition who is patron of business, health, wealth, and luck. It seemed fitting for a project whose purpose is to provide a useful and affordable service for legal businesses.

In the region of Santiago Atitlán in Guatemala, an effigy of Maximón is hosted at a different home each year, which becomes a destination for reverent pilgrims. It is highly recommended for a visit to experience this cultural phenomenon first-hand.

Photograph: Effigy of San Simón, or Maximón, in Zunil, Guatemala. Photo credit: Jan PeŇ°ula.

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